Week 33

With due date just a few weeks away, now would be a good time to go through your checklist and ensure you have everything in place. Your baby’s arrival is around the corner, and whilst you may be feeling too heavy to move, you’ll be even heavier in a few weeks time so try and get tick off those last items as soon as possible. We suggest that your partner starts to practice putting the car seat in correctly. If he hasn’t assembled the cot, best he starts putting on his DIY cap this weekend.

Your Baby

Your baby is the size of a pineapple right now, and weighs in anywhere between 1.8kg – 2.6kg and measures over 43cm. Your little one may even grow a whole full 2.5cm this week. Amazingly, their pupils can adjust to bright or dim lights, just like yours. And their lungs and brain continue to develop.

Your Body

Apart from all the symptoms you’ve picked up along the way, you might also be starting to waddle. That bump of yours has grown to the point that you’re struggling to walk comfortably. Your amniotic fluid has also reached its maximum level, and there’s simply no more room to expand. With less fluid to cushion your cherub, your baby’s kicks may begin to feel a little more uncomfortable.

Sensible Tips

  • Time to do that last minute shopping to buy the essentials that you may not have received from the baby shower.
  • Finish packing your hospital bag so that its ready and waiting by the door.