Week 32

By now you’re physically exhausted and ready to have that baby. But it’s not long to go now – just eight more weeks. At this stage your baby should be getting ready for birth, and should be turning into position with their head down (fewer than 5% of babies remain breeched, which means that their head stays near the top of your stomach). They’re slowly starting to get ready their grand entrance!

Your Baby

Your little coconut still around 42cm and weighing about 1.7kg. And as their living conditions become more cramped, their movements also become more restricted. You’re probably gaining around 450g a week and over half of that goes to your baby. Interestingly, your baby will gain about 1/3 of their birth weight during the next seven weeks – they fattening up for the real world. Your cherub is also proudly showing off fingernails, toenails and hair and their skin is beginning to smooth out as they plump up.

Your Body

With your growing bump squashing all your insides, you may be surprised to find that your appetite has decreased. This is accompanied by shortness of breath and heartburn. If your tummy is tightening at random times during the day, you’re experiencing Braxton Hicks and they may becoming more frequent as your body preps for labour. They usually last around 15 to 30 seconds. You may also notice that your nipples have become much darker. This is your body’s amazing way of creating a target for your little one so they know exactly where to go to feed.

Sensible Tips

  • Make sure your medical aid is covering all expenses – find out what they do and don’t cover.
  • Take a photo of your growing bump so you can compare your growth from just four weeks back.