Week 34

You’re no doubt exhausted. Your body is starting to take huge strain with all the extra weight you’re having to carry and the sleepless nights are certainly not helping the situation. Now would be a great time to start putting your feet up regularly and to slow down considerably. Take time out to absorb everything you’re going through and to appreciate the unknown but exciting future ahead of you. Your downtime is limited, so enjoy!

Your Baby

Your little one is now the size of a cabbage, weighing in at roughly 2.2kg and measuring around 45cm (about as long as a loaf of bread head to rump). With restricted movement in their cramped quarters, they’re spending most of their awake time listening to the outside world around them. So those out of tune songs you sing to yourself while no one is listening, are actually being heard by your little one. This week, the white, waxy coating called vernix, which protects your baby’s skin, thickens while the soft downy hair known as lanugo is just about gone.

Your Body

Just when you thought there was simply no more room to grow, you realize your body has performed the impossible and stretched a little more. On the plus side, you may feel that you have a little more air to breathe and that your heartburn might be easing up a bit. This is because your baby may have dropped into the pelvic area, in an engaged position, where it’s getting ready for birth. But sadly, this drop in position may bring on increased pressure on your pelvis, hips and bladder causing frequent trips to the bathroom.


Sensible Tips

  • If you have the energy, start making a few meals that you can freeze and use for the first few days back home. It may seem like a bit of a chore at the moment, but will be well worth it once baby is born.