Week 6

By now your body is in full baby production mode, and you’re probably experiencing all those symptoms that moms complain about. But don’t despair! It’s not for nothing. All those hormones that are making you feel queasy, tired and bloated are also helping to develop your baby. At just six weeks, crucial organs are being developed, including the ability to circulate blood through their tiny but sophisticated circulatory system.

Your Baby

This week your baby is the size of a small sweet pea and measuring a tiny 6.3mm. Some major developments are starting to take place and incredibly, as early as six weeks they’re starting to grow eyes, a nose, ears, chin and cheeks, which will eventually form that beautiful little face you’re so excited to see in person, and that you’ll smother with kisses on their future birthdays. They may even be wiggling their little limbs already. Their heart is starting to beat at around 100 to 160 times a minute, which is almost twice as fast as yours and if you’re lucky, you may just be able to detect it on an ultrasound examination.

Your Body

You may not be noticing much on the outside, but internally your body is undergoing rapid changes and making room for the new guest. If you can’t find your partner, look under the bed or in the cupboard – they’re probably petrified and hiding from your sudden mood swings. Moodiness is normal. The emotional rollercoaster is caused by your fluctuating hormones, and the simple fact that your body is undergoing big changes. This is bound to affect even the toughest of cookies. Other ongoing symptoms this trimester may include fatigue, sore breasts, frequent urination, bloating and nausea.

Sensible Tips

  • Start writing down a list of questions for your first prenatal checkup – Dr ‘Google’ doesn’t have all the answers, so rather seek advice from a professional you know and trust.
  • Take time to look into some of the things you should avoid doing while pregnant, whether it’s lifting heavy objects or cleaning out the cat litter. We don’t want you to become paranoid about being pregnant, but just be aware of the general do’s and don’ts whilst enjoying this little miracle growing inside of you.