Week 40

Happy Due date! You and your baby have successfully made it through 40 weeks of incredible growth and development. For some of you, you may be holding your little cherub while reading this. But for others, you may be frustrated to find that your little one is still snug as a bug with no signs of arriving anytime soon. Most doctors will monitor you very closely with each passing day, and most often don’t let you go more than ten days over your due date. So hang in there, you’ll meet your newest family member very soon!

Your Baby

Your baby now weighs anywhere from 3 to 4.5kg and measures between 48cm & 55cm. Those little nails and tufts of hair continue to grow, and with each passing day their lungs are growing from strength to strength. Your little one is just psyching themselves up for the big day.

Your Body

You’ve had enough and want to meet your little bundle. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait, and in just a few short hours or days the wait will be worth it.

Sensible Tips

  • Make sure you check in with your doctor regularly to monitor you and your baby. Don’t venture too far away from home as it could happen at any moment, but don’t sit around waiting either. Enjoy these last few days of freedom by lunching with the ladies and visiting friends and family.
  • Your partner must make sure that their phone is on at all times and fully charged, so that they can receive your call at a moments notice.