Week 38

This week may feel like the longest seven days ever as you play the waiting game. You’re probably completely over waddling around and carrying all this extra weight, and you’re probably also very anxious to meet this little person you’ve been creating over the past nine months. Your baby could arrive at any time, but they could also decide that life in your womb is far too cozy and that they ‘d prefer to stay put for an extra three or so weeks. Your official due date is still two weeks away and most gynae’s will allow your cherub an extra ten days before they discuss options available to give your little one a nudge.

Your Baby

Your beautiful baby is now the size of a pumpkin, weighing around 3kg and measuring in at 49cm long. This is probably the final birth length. They’re ready and waiting and may even have an inch of hair on their head already. They’re also in the process of slowly shedding that white waxy layer on their skin, but you might still see some of it when they’re born.

Your Body

Your baby is dropping into the pelvis area, which means you might be able to breathe a little easier. However, other changes that you can’t necessarily see or feel, is that your cervix is slowly beginning to dilate and soften. You may also notice that your breasts are starting to leak colostrum – a thick yellowish liquid that is the precursor to breast milk. Colostrum is jam-packed with antibodies that protect your newborn.

Sensible Tips

  • Write down all the numbers of family and friends that are eagerly waiting to hear when the big day arrives. Create a Whatsapp group with all your nearest and dearest so you can keep them informed about the progress.
  • Take a photo of your growing bump so you can compare your growth from just four weeks back.