Week 3

This is a big week for your body: you’ve ovulated and conceived, and now your little miracle has started its very early stages of development. Here’s where they start changing from a single cell into either a baby boy or girl. This all takes place once the fastest swimming sperm crosses the finish line and makes its way through the outer layer of the egg. The now single-cell, fertilized egg, also known as a zygote, quickly forms a protective barrier to prevent other swimmers from entering. Sorry sperm, there’s only room for one champion!

Your Baby

This week is all about fertilization and implantation. Your little sprog will make the big journey from your fallopian tube to your uterus – a journey that takes up to six days. Once it has arrived at the destination, it’ll settle into your uterus wall, and cosy up for the next nine months. Did you know that by now, the gender, eye and hair colour have already been determined?

Your Body

At this stage you’ll probably won’t know that you’re pregnant, but your body is already working tirelessly around the clock to create a little human. You may notice a bit of spotting at the end of this week. This is known as implantation spotting, and it’s due to the egg nestling its way into the uterine. But the spotting will be very mild and most women don’t experience any at all.

Whilst most women won’t feel a significant change to their bodies at this stage, there are some signs that may begin to show, such as a rise in your body temperature or a heightened sense of smell.

Sensible Tips

  • Go out and buy a few early detection pregnancy tests. We always advise more than one as you’re bound to want to test yourself a few times before you can quite believe the news J.
  • For best results, do the test first thing in the morning.