Week 28

Congratulations! You’re on the home stretch. No one said running an ultra marathon was going to be easy, but crossing the finish line will make it all worthwhile. There’s no denying that this last stretch is the toughest one both mentally and physically. By now, just about every ache and pain one can expect during pregnancy is in full swing and you’re probably growing more uncomfortable by the day. Both you and your baby are gearing up for labour. Your breasts are starting to produce colostrum and your little one is practicing breathing techniques.

Your Baby

Your baby is now the size of an cauliflower, and weighs around 1kg and measures about 38cm. Your baby is almost ready to enter the big world and most of the lanugo is starting to fade. Just about everything is developed and functioning. The next 10 weeks will be spent fine-tuning everything before their birthday. Your cherub is also plumping up and smoothing out that wrinkly skin. Their lungs are also maturing everyday in preparation for life outside the womb.

Your Body

As your body begins to prepare for labour, you may start feeling more frequent Braxton Hicks. Your breasts may also be in overdrive, so don’t be alarmed if they leak occasionally while they “test” out their new up and coming role. You will also be gaining around a pound per week this trimester and you may start visiting your gynae every second week for a general check up.

Sensible Tips

  • If you’re having a boy, now would be a good time to chat to your partner about circumcision. Sometimes religious beliefs make the decision for you, but this is very much a personal preference that should be made together.
  • Take a photo of your growing bump so you can compare your growth from just four weeks back.