Week 23

You may be starting to feel a little more uncomfortable and tired at the end of each day, and swollen feet are certainly not making the situation any better. Sluggish circulation, and increased water retention are what’s causing the swelling. So make sure that in the upcoming weeks you regularly take time out to put your feet up and drink lots of fluids throughout the day.

Your Baby

Your gorgeous growing babe is about the size of a mango, around 29cm and weighs in at roughly 500 grams. If you had a sneak peak into the womb, you’d find that your little one is getting bigger and cuter by the day. Their little face is as cute as buttons and just needs a little extra fat to fill it out before they’re absolutely perfect in mom’s eyes. Which brings us to our next point: your baby is about to embark on a massive growth spurt over the next four weeks, will double in weight, so those cheeks will fatten up in no time. In other news, your baby is taking time out of their busy growing schedule to listen to all that’s going on in the outside world. They’re starting to recognize sounds, the first being mom’s voice, and may even recognize their furry friend’s bark when they arrive home for the first time.

Your Body

Don’t freak out, but you may actually be able to see your little one move about under your skin. You may also be noticing a dark line running between your belly button and pelvic area. This line is know as Linea Nigra and is caused by the same hormone that makes your aereolas turn a shade darker as well as your freckles. Fortunately, this discoloration will fade shortly after pregnancy.

Sensible Tips

  • Have you started saving for baby’s arrival? We know it feels like it’s weeks away, but its never too early to start saving.
  • This would be a good time to discuss a will with your partner. With an extra family member on the way, you will need to adjust your will to ensure that your child is taken care of.