Week 17

With your little one getting bigger and hungrier, don’t be alarmed if you feel constantly ravenous. Gaining weight at this stage is inevitable, and nourishing your little one is a necessity. However, just try to stick with healthy choices where possible (although we’re all for treating yourself occasionally).

Your Baby

Your baby is the size of a large onion and weighing around 140 grams and is about 13cm long. Your little one is starting to plump up, with body fat beginning to form all around their body. They’re also growing a stronger and thicker umbilical cord to keep up with her hunger demands. What’s more, is that they also perfecting those sucking and swallowing skills in preparation for nursing. Amazingly, your little one has become sensitive to sounds and light, and may react to loud noises or bright lights.

Your Body

Are you starting to itch all around your tummy and breasts? That’s your skin stretching thinner as your breasts grow larger and your tummy expands. You may also be experiencing odd shooting pains and aches around the sides of the abdomen. This is known as ‘round ligament pain’. Don’t stress though – it’s all rather normal and just your body’s way of encouraging the uterus, and supporting ligaments, to stretch and make room for a growing baby. Another common symptom is increased vaginal discharge. Between week 16 and 20, you can expect to gain around 500g per week.

Sensible Tips

  • Now would also be a good time to discuss whether you and your partner would like to join an antenatal class. Depending on where you’re based, they can fill up quite quickly, so it would be wise to get your name down early. Whilst these classes aren’t a necessity, they’re a great platform to find out additional information about birthing options, and allows your partner to feel more involved with the process. After one or two lessons they might start to fully realize their invaluable role on the big day.
  • Chat to your gynae about birthing options and the pro’s and con’s of each so that you can make an informed decision.