Manual Breast Pump


Designed for comfort and ease of use.

The Snookums Manual Breast Pump offers the best of both worlds, in one simple unit. Breastfeeding is not always possible and from time to time, mothers might need help to encourage breast milk production and a convenient way to collect and store breast milk for those times when you can’t be with your baby.

When you breastfeed, you give your baby the very best start in life. Your breast milk delivers a powerful cocktail of vitamins, nutrients and immune-boosting ingredients that are proven to help your little one fight disease and infection well into adulthood. Breastfeeding has great benefits for mothers too. It helps the womb to return to its normal shape and size post-pregnancy and in some instances can, help with weight loss too.

BPA Free
EU Safety Tested
Microwave Safe
Dishwasher Safe